Reception Newsletter

Reception Newsletter

Welcome to your first term at Greenholm!

All of the children have settled in well and are getting used to the school routines. The children have enjoyed exploring activities within and outside the classroom, including visiting the animals at the Greenholm farm.

Please ensure that you have returned all of the forms from your induction folder to the school office. This includes whether your child is eligible for Free School Meals. All Reception children receive a free school dinner however, if you are in receipt of any benefits then please fill out the form at the office. The school can receive additional funds for your child.

We are currently conducting baseline assessments on all of the children to establish their current level of knowledge and abilities across the early year’s curriculum. This will help us to ensure that your child is supported appropriately. We will provide updates throughout the year on how your child is progressing and what support they might need at home.

Teacher Days

School will be closed for pupils on Thursday 30th September and Friday 1st October for teacher training days.

Autumn Term Themes

This term we are learning about ‘Ourselves’, ‘Families’ and ‘Festivals and Celebrations’. We will be exploring our similarities and differences, likes and dislikes, and who is in our family. We will also be talking about different celebrations and festivals we celebrate with our families. Children will explore these topics through art work, stories, and circle times.

In literacy we will be focusing on blending Phase 2 letters and sounds. Handwriting is a massive priority this year so children will be having daily handwriting sessions.

In Numeracy we will focus on early recognition of numbers and counting, shape names and pattern.

Children will also be learning French once a week and have opportunity to take part in forest schools.

Parents Evening

Reception parents evening will be on Wednesday 10th November 2021. You will be able to discuss your child’s progress and how they have settled into school.

P.E Lessons

Your child will be taking part in P.E lessons every Wednesday after half term. To be able to take part in the lessons your child will need to bring the correct kit; a Greenholm t-shirt, black shorts or leggings, socks and black school pumps. Please ensure kit is clearly labelled to prevent any confusion during changing times.

Healthy snack

Children need to bring a piece of fruit or vegetable to school for their morning snack. Please only provide your child with water in their named water bottle.

Rewards and Sanctions

When your child demonstrates a good attitude/behaviour and/or good work they will receive one of the following- verbal praise, stickers, hand stamps, marbles and certificates.

If your child does not follow the class rules they are given three warnings, after which they will be at risk of missing some playtime, missing some golden time and time out in class.

School Day

Please drop off and pick up your child promptly to avoid any disruption and follow social distancing as much as possible.

Many thanks for your help and support,

The Reception Team

Miss Lea-Redmond, Miss Hesson-Channer, Miss Kay, Miss Jones, Miss Hussain and Mrs Mayo