We expect our children to be well behaved and considerate to others. This is so that everybody feels safe and enables a calm and supportive working environment for everyone to thrive. We have a behaviour code, which is displayed, throughout the school and the children are regularly reminded of it. We expect all staff, pupils and parents to follow this code of conduct whilst on school premises.

Our children are frequently complimented for their very positive behaviour, both in school and on visits and trips. Where children struggle with behaviour, additional support is provided through nurture, behaviour plans and other strategies where we focus on positive behaviour.

It states that at Greenholm School:

  • We are polite 
  • We tell the truth 
  • We respect and help each other 
  • We try to do our best 
  • We are responsible for our own actions

The children are encouraged to remember the code and to act upon it. Naturally there are times when misbehaviour occurs and we use the code to help the children to reflect upon a different way of behaving. It helps us if the parents also remind their children about the code. We do inform parents if their child has been persistently misbehaving and work with parents and the child to support them in changing their behaviour. Golden time is used throughout the school as a way of celebrating and rewarding all children who are able to manage their behaviour appropriately.

Our lunchtime supervisors are responsible for supervising the children at lunchtime and often deal with minor incidents. If anything more serious occurs, they inform the class teacher or a senior member of staff who will deal with the incident.

Behaviour Policy

Code Of Conduct Policy