Modern Foreign Languages

Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum provides the knowledge, skills and learning experiences to prepare all our children to become positive global citizens and have an understanding of how important other languages can be in their future.

Our Curriculum Goals

Our language curriculum introduces children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and interactive while encouraging their confidence and creative skills to stimulate their curiosity about further language learning as part of their path to becoming positive global citizens.

Language teaching at Greenholm

At Greenholm we employ a native French language expert to deliver weekly French lessons to all children in school in KS2 while children in KS1 and reception have the opportunity to experience the language also through song and rhyme. Our language Programme of study is planned alongside our curriculum to ensure that the key aspects of language study link with the themes which the children are learning about. For example, in year 5 in the autumn term the children learn the names of the planets and key space vocabulary to link with the theme; “ To infinity and beyond”. As a key aspect of the languages curriculum, which is to explore the patterns and sounds of language through songs and rhymes and link the spelling, sound, and meaning of words, our French expert combines a variety of learning styles in her teaching. Drama, song, rhyme, chanting, role play as well as ICT-based activities are all carefully planned and delivered as well as a focus on recording written French in KS2.

Curriculum Impact

We believe that our children leave Greenholm with a thirst for further language learning and a basic understanding of how language forms as well as grammar rules and vitally, the confidence to discover and learn a brand new language which will lead them on their path to becoming positive global citizens.

MFL Schemes Of Work

Modern Foreign Languages Scheme Of Work