Our history curriculum provides pupils with the opportunity to explore, sequence, link and analyse the past so that they can question, understand and appreciate local, national and world history.


History at Greenholm allows pupils to build a chronological understanding of events both globally and in Britain. A cross-curricular approach immerses our pupils in history, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of life in that era.

During KS1, children will develop an awareness of the past and learn about significant historical individuals and events. As pupils explore and discuss a range of sources, they will gain an understanding of different ways of life across history, reflecting on changes that have occurred within and before living memory.

In KS2, pupils will work on securing their chronological understanding of British, local, and world history. Pupils will interpret and compare information about past events and historical figures to answer historically valid questions. As they enter upper KS2, pupils will begin to evaluate sources, assessing their usefulness and independently researching to produce case studies that draw on their learning and use evidence to support their argument.

History Scheme Of Work

History Scheme Of Work