Governance pecuniary Interests 19-20

here is a list of the financial and business interests of our governors


Governor’s Name Governor Category No interest declared other interests declared Type of Interest Details….
(if yes)
Shorrock, Steve Chair, Member        
Phillips, Carol Member     Indirect Employee of alternate Academy
Christie, Steve Member     Direct Child is Govornor
Christie, James Staff 17/10/2019    Direct Parent is Member
Bissell, Robert  Community 17/10/2019      
Biggs, Mark Community   17/10/2019 Direct Spouse is employee
Rafiq, Shehnaaz Parent 28/11/2019      
Osborne, Joanne Community 28/11/2019      
Glendenning, Fay Parent 17/10/2019      
Turner, Gill Ex-Officio 17/10/2019      
Brandon, Linda Staff   28/11/2019 Direct Spouse is employee
Price, Julie Community 17/10/2019      
Singh-Khatkar, Mandip Community 28/11/2019      
Haq, Humara Staff & Assistant Head 28/11/2019      
Phillips, Rosemary Community 28/11/2019      
Gooden, Samantha Parent 28/11/2019      
Szabo, Angela Community 17/10/2019      
Nyasha Montaque Parent 28/11/2019      
Simpson, Bethan Assistant Head 01/09/2019      
Bird, James Assistant Head 01/09/2019      
Halim, Abid Deputy Head 01/09/2019      
Hunt, Daniel Person with Significant Control 01/09/2019      
Groves, Susan Person with Significant Control 01/09/2019