The Governing Body

The Governing Body at Greenholm School lead and manage the school along with the Headteacher. They are responsible for everything that happens in school and scrutinise the decisions we make to ensure we are aiming for the best for our pupils.

They have a strategic view and help shape the direction of the school. The Governing Body is made up of different groups of people who bring different perspectives onto the life of the school, but they are all passionate about wanting the very best for the children at Greenholm School. There are four staff members, eight community members and six parent members who are elected by parents of the school on a four yearly basis.

Sitting above the Governing Body is a small team of ‘Members’ who are ultimately accountable for the decisions made in School. These Members meet separately to the Governing Body once a term and check the Governing body is acting fairly and impartially.

Mr Steve Shorrock is our Chair of Governors and also a Member, he has been on our Governing Body for over fifteen years so knows the school extremely well. He is passionate about ensuring that all our children get the best possible opportunities and visits the school regularly.

The Governors meet every half term on a Thursday evening. There are also several sub committeesmeet every term. These committees include Finance, Standards and Curriculum, Inclusion, Health and Safety, ICT strategy and development and Personnel and Staffing. It is through these committees that the work of the Governing body is done.

A Selection of our Governance team;

Governing Body Meetings 2022-2023

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Governing Body Meetings 2022-23

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Articles of Association

If you have a complaint;
In the first instance, you must address the complaint to the School. If you feel that your complaint has not been resolved properly, please direct your problem to the chair of governors. 

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