School Meals

School dinners are cooked on-site and comply fully with nutritional standards. There are three choices of main course and a choice of vegetables, and bread and salad is always available. There is always a choice of fruit and yogurt as well as a traditionally cooked pudding. Some children prefer to have a packed lunch but this must not contain any sweets or chocolate and should be healthy. Children should always bring a drink of water with them for lunchtime as well as for other times in the school day.

Break time arrangements

The canteen is open before school and serves toast and cereal as well as fruit juice. At break times it serves toast and juice, which children can buy. Children can bring their own snack in for playtime but this must be fruit. All children in Key Stage 1 receive fruit during the afternoon as part of the schools healthy eating scheme.

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Breakfast Menus

Lunchtime Menus