Dear Parents/Guardians

As you know, a team of staff from Greenholm have recently visited two schools in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The team returned full of enthusiasm and motivated to continue developing future links with both the nursery and the school. 

The aim of the trip was to build links and assess how our school could support the community of Anlung Pi in the future and give our children an opportunity to develop greater awareness of the wider world. The visit provided a range of opportunities for the staff to gain experience of working in Anlung Pi free school and increase their knowledge of challenges faced by the community.

Whilst there, the team bought shoes, crayons and paper from the local market using the money raised by Greenholm pupils. They also distributed the books provided by Greenholm children between the two schools. All three of the classrooms were painted to make their learning environment more colourful.  Both the staff and pupils from Anlung Pi were very grateful for the generous donations and hard work.

A further aim was to support the school in becoming self-sufficient. In order to achieve this they used funds raised to extend the current sewing room, which is used as a teaching tool and enables the school to generate funds through the sale of purses sewn by the students.  Children from Greenholm also collaborated with those from Cambodia on projects and they all worked really well. Some of these can be seen on display in the hall. We look forward to maintaining and extending links with Cambodia as we believe it supports our own children’s development and their understanding of the world.

We have identified a number of ways Greenholm, as a school community, can support the two schools:

  • Establishing a community farm to provide income for the two schools
  • Supporting the teaching of English
  • Delivering teaching resources to the nursery

A big thank you to all who donated items to take to Cambodia. They were shared out amongst children and schools and were much appreciated!