Year 6 Homework

Shape Research Project.

Handed out: 17.02.22    Due in: 09.03.22

I have included:Topic 2D shapesMy Teacher thinks
 Triangles: Drawings of each triangle with information about length of sides and angles (Isosceles, Scalene, Right Angled, Equilateral) What angles add up to in a triangleWritten a missing angle question 
 Quadrilaterals What angles add up to Information about rhombus, parallelogram, square, trapeziumDifference between regular and irregular polygonsWritten a sorting quadrilaterals question 
 Circles: I have labelled the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle.I have explained how you work our radius from the diameter. 
 Lines I have included a dictionary definition for parallel lines and perpendicular lines. I have drawn examples of both sets of lines. I have written a question about parallel perpendicular lines. 
 Topic 3D shapes 
 – I have written a definition of the terms:  face, edges, vertices, polyhedron, prism, obtuse angle and acute angle. -At the end of each definition there is an example. 
 I have included a colourful page drawing some 3D shapes and writing about their properties. 
 I have written how to work at the area of a square I have written how to work out the perimeter of shapes 

Do not copy and paste from the internet (except images). All work must be in your own words. You can complete this on the computer or by hand. It will be assessed via the marking ladder above. Please take your time and make sure all sections are included as you will be tested on these elements after this has been handed in. A picture will be taken of your work for your books and some will go on display. This will be on the school website if you loose it.