Reception Home Learning

W/C: 01.03.21                                                                                                              Key Point of Contact: Katie Koymen

SubjectLearning Focus
LiteracyPhonics recap of all phase 3 sounds
Writing words/ sentences with phase 3 sounds
Weekly reading book
NumeracyNumber recognition to 20
Subtraction within 10 practically  
ThemeWorld Book week
Exploring lots of different stories
Dressing in PJ’s and making a story reading den
How to respect, value and look after books
PSHREKeeping active and well- being whilst at home
Theme/word of week: self-belief/perseverance
Discuss what they think having ‘self belief’ and ‘perseverance’ mean.
Discuss how at the moment while things are not normal and we can’t do the things we normally do, it is sometimes difficult to keep going and have self-belief.
Discuss the things that they have been finding difficult over the past few weeks/half term e.g. working at home, not seeing friends and family.
Watch story – ‘The Lion Inside’
What was the mouse’s problem?
What would have been the easy option?
How did he have self-belief and how did he show perseverance?
What would have been the easy option for mouse?
Discuss that sometimes we all need to overcome big challenges to achieve or be able to do something and that sometimes we need to ask for help to help us get there.


The Gingerbread Man