Year Three Newsletter

Year 3 Newsletter – Summer 2018

We will be investigating and writing myths and legends, as well as looking at how non-chronological reports are written.  We will also be looking at playscripts and writing our own playscript.

The children will begin looking at measures including money.  They will continue to work on their times tables facts and look at different methods of working out the four calculations. They will also continue to look at how to use and apply the four calculations in solving problems. The children will be covering problem solving involving measure and time.  It would benefit the children in school, if they also worked on these at home.

The topics for the term are ‘The human body’ and ‘Why are plants important?’  The children will be investigating muscles and bones as well as the different food groups and healthy living.   In looking at plants, the children will be investigating what happens if plants do not have the necessary requirements for growth. This will be closely linked to the children’s numeracy work, as the children will be estimating, measuring and drawing conclusions from their results.

This term the children will be looking at the Romans and researching how the Romans lived; the expansion of the Roman empire and Roman Britain. We will also be looking at the geography of various different European countries and comparing them to Britain.



The children will continue to learn how to program, as well as using different software to present data and using emails.


Art and D.T:
We will be investigating what makes a healthy snack in DT and in Art, we will be looking at printing and stitching.  



The children will be considering being honest and truthful and how this is reflected in different faiths. We will also be looking at courage and how courage is shown in different faiths and what the children’s hopes are for the future.

The children will be investigating how to compose music and write formal musical notations.

Other Information:
Swimming/PE will continue to be on a Monday afternoon.

PE will also be on Thursday morning.


Forest schools will continue on a Friday so please make sure that your child has their clothes and wellingtons.

Your child will be set their homework on a Friday and must return it by Wednesday the following week.  
Please make sure that your child has their home-reader in school every day.
The children will be having a Roman Day on Wednesday 4th July, so please ensure that they come to school dressed as Romans on that day.

Thank you.