At Greenholm, we give pupils lots of opportunities to learn and enjoy music.

Music intent

Our music curriculum is designed to engage, inspire and progressively develop children’s skills, self-confidence and creativity in the areas of musical appreciation (listening and discussing), performance, composition, and recording and evaluating. We encourage children to focus on the work of global musicians for inspiration and exploration and to build up a repertoire of techniques and approaches that they can apply in their own compositions.

Music rationale

The music curriculum is planned so that pupils are offered opportunities to develop new skills while drawing on their previous experiences. 

Pupils are given the opportunities to be creative by exploring, experimenting, and taking creative risks within a safe environment.  They learn to use a range of tuned and untuned instruments, read musical notations, use symbols and notations to record music.

Pupils develop their appraising and reflective skills through listening to and exploring a range of music.  They listen to high-quality music; picking out musical elements and commenting on their effect on the piece overall.   They study a composer once a year; finding out about their work, evaluating their music, picking out musical elements, and reflecting on what the music’s intent is and how it is achieved.

They are equipped with musical knowledge and understanding of the musical elements to compose their own compositions, perform and evaluate their work. 

Music Scheme Of Work

Music Scheme Of Work