At our school, the arts provide opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and communication, alongside the development of appreciation and evaluative skills.


Our Art curriculum inspires creativity, engages and challenges pupils by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment and create their own works of art. As they progress through the school they develop a deeper understanding or art and design, exploring key artists and the impact they have had on different times and cultures.

Children first observe and analyze a piece of art work from either a famous artist or a particular period in history, which links to their current theme. They discuss what they like about the work and how they think the artist may have created it. After this, they decide which media they are going to use. and are taught the skills and techniques needed for their final piece. Once they have developed these new skills they are given the chance to use them to produce their own piece of work inspired by the original artwork.

Art Schemes Of Work

Art Curriculum Schemes Of Work