Year 6 Newsletter



Dear Parents,


We hope everybody had a really enjoyable break and is ready to start a new term in Year 6.

In the New Year, our theme will be S.O.S. In history, we will be learning what happened to the RMS Titanic and exploring what it would have been like to be aboard the ship. In geography, we will be mapping the ships route from Southampton to New York, and using six figure grid references to identify key locations linked to the ship. The children will get the chance to learn about the city of New York itself and how the use of the land on Manhattan Island has changed over time.

In addition, our art will be focussed on New York too. We will be using Todd Walker’s photograph of San Francisco to create our own version using sketching skills. In science, we will be finding out about the circuits used on board Titanic and using our DT skills to design a room from the ship, building in the appropriate electrical wiring on a smaller scale.

Our literacy will be closely linked to RMS Titanic and in numeracy we will begin to learn about shape, space and measure.

After the February half-term, our theme will change to Survival of the Fittest. We will find out about Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species, explore how biological inheritance works, learn about how fossils are formed and how animals and plants adapt to survive in different ecosystems.

We will continue across the term to work towards the SATs tests which take place at the beginning of May. If you have any concerns regarding this, please feel free to speak to a member of the Year 6 team.

On Thursday 9th January, the children will be visiting the Birmingham Hippodrome to perform the work they have been practising on Wednesday afternoons related to the Circus 1903. They will be back at school for 3.30pm. Please ask the office if you need another letter about this.

We will be sending out information linked to the Year 6 residential to Blackwell Court, which will take place from Monday 8th June to Wednesday 10th June.



Mr. Christie, Miss. Cracolici and Miss. O’Neill