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Miss L Cullen

I believe all children have a right to the best education. I have an exuberant personality and this oozes through my teaching. I give the children as many extracurricular opportunities as possible and encourage them to take them. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling around the world, immersing myself in different cultures. 

Mr. A Zada
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Mr. J Dobson

I have been teaching at Greenholm since 2002. I enjoy reading, walking and Rugby Union.

Miss C Edmondson

I love working out!

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Mrs. H Haq

I have been teaching for over 20 years, I am the lead for Science, Assessment, Teacher Training and Lower Key Stage 2; I facilitate the School Council promoting pupil voice and helping develop ways to make Greenholm the best school it can be for all its pupils. My passions are traveling, history, art, dance, reading, theatre, and my family 

Mr. K Daniels