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Mrs. M Chumber

Class Teacher


Miss N Singh

Class Teacher

My name is Miss Singh and I am a Year 2 teacher. I am part of the humanities team within the school.

Miss C Long

Class Teacher

Mrs. L Mills


I started working at Greenholm in 2006 and I am the subject leader for Art and Design. I have two daughters and love spending time with them and the rest of my family when I am not at school. 

Miss J Evans


I am currently responsible for the dance curriculum. I enjoy keeping fit and travelling.

Mrs. B Simpson

Assistant Head

I’ve been teaching at Greenholm for 20 years! When I am not at school I like to spend time with my husband and children. We love going on holidays, especially to Cornwall where we spend most of our time surfing! I also love to dance and go to ballet and tap classes!

Mrs. J Dean

Teaching Assistant

I have held several positions within school since starting in 1999 as a dinner supervisor. I took my NVQ at Greenholm and went on to become an integration assistant for a child with a medical need. I have worked in Reception, Year 1 to Year 4. I believe that Greenholm is a great school. It’s good being part of team Greenholm.

Miss L Isaac

Teaching Assistant