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Miss C Louis

Class Teacher

I have been at Greenholm since 2001. I love music and singing. I also co-run the Greenholm choir.

Miss E Tsang

Class Teacher

I am the music coordinator and I am part of the literacy and arts team. I also co-run the Greenholm choir. 

Mr. C Partridge

Class Teacher

Miss S Coates

Class Teacher

Mrs. J Lloyd

Teaching Assistant

I’ve been married for over 38 years, I have 3 sons who attended Greenholm School. I am also a proud nan of 4 grandchildren.

Miss J Mack

Teaching Assistant

I am a proud mum of three grown-up children. I like penguins, flowers, tortoises, walks, birds, bamboo, cheesecake, butterflies, rainbows, countryside, and smiles.